About Us

Our Goal:
The Miami Gardens Observer is your South Florida Community Newspaper, bringing to you the community events and happenings in Miami Gardens and around South Florida.

We are a publication unique in its goals: our goals are to serve and bring together the diverse community in South Florida; the African-Americans, Caribbean, Asians, Hispanics and Americans. The Miami Gardens Observer is keeping the South Florida Community informed about the diverse grass roots community activities and events around South Florida so that we can all enjoy and participate in our diversity.

About us:
The Miami Gardens Observer is a monthly newspaper serving our South Florida Diverse Community. We are a local community newspaper serving the vibrant city of Miami Gardens and the surrounding cities with grass roots community activities, news, information and events.  Our newspaper specializes in working with, sponsoring and informing the community about non-profit groups, family-oriented groups, civil groups, diverse groups and special activities such as workshops, summits, festivals, and fundraisers in the South Florida Region.

Our Readers:
We are a monthly publication with 20,000 copies per issue: we serve over 80,000 residents throughout our South Florida community. (The ratio is 1 copy to 4 residents). Our distribution is: 5,000 copies to Miami Gardens, 10,000 copies to the surrounding cities: North Miami, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Opa-Locka, Miami Lakes, Miramar, Hollywood (For the Miami Gardens and surrounding areas, our newspapers are distributed to Churches, restaurants, schools, libraries, city halls, community groups, small businesses and then some are home-delivered to our subscribers). Furthermore we distribute 5,000 copies to the Caribbean Community through restaurant and Grocery stories from South Miami to Palm Beach.

Target Market:
In Miami Gardens alone there is a population of 105,000 residents and still growing. It is the third largest city in Miami-Dade County with the largest African-American and Caribbean community. We have a large English-speaking Hispanic community in Miami Lakes, and also a large English speaking Asian community in North Miami/North Miami Beach. Miami Gardens and Miramar are among the fastest growing cities in Dade and Broward County.

The buying power of our combined diverse community is estimated to be over 30 billion in 2008 and growing. This market is untapped and ready for many of the services that your companies can offer to them: health care, fast food, retail, entertainment, home improvement, financial services, events, community services, travel and more. The Miami Gardens Observer is committed to improving the lives in our community by bringing value to our readers & sponsors and helping our advertisers to increase profit to their companies.

Added Promotional Value for our Sponsors & Advertisers:

Internet Advertisement:
We have added diversity to our newspaper with www.miamigardensobserver.com.
With the internet we can serve our community on a weekly basis and give our sponsors and advertisers added value to their marketing and promotion. We are currently getting
10, 000 – 20,000 hits weekly and growing.

iTV Advertisement:
For our sponsors and advertisers who would like to be on TV without the TV budget we have created iTV. iTV is your infomercial/ad online. We will be starting a weekly iTV newscast online, highlighting our community news, information and events throughout South Florida. From our survey we are looking at reaching up to 50,000 consumers daily for one week for each weekly newscast. We will be starting our broadcast online in November, 2008.
  For more information on iTV advertisement please schedule an appointment.

Giving back to our community

Mentorship Program:
The Miami Gardens Observer has started a multi-media mentorship program with some of the high schools and local organization in our South Florida Community. Presently we are working with Women International Film Festival (WIFF) teaching/mentoring kids from Girl Power in Liberty City in a multi-media workshop (It will run from October – December 2008).

Other services we offer:

Graphic Design * Souvenir Booklets * Brochures * Business Card
* Flyers * Printing  *  Distribution of Promotional pieces
* Marketing/Promotion *  Photography for any type of events

For more information on any of our services and our marketing kit please email us at: Lminto8881@aol.com or info@miamigardensobserver.com